About Us

Roughly two thousand years ago, the sun darkened in the bleakest hour of human existence. All of the ancient days looked forward to this moment, and all the days since have looked back. A man groaned, nailed to a cross on a hillside in Palestine, and all of creation groaned with him. But only a few hours from that moment, the darkness gave way to dawn, and a winter of death came to an end before the warm glow of new life. The greatest lament the world has ever known was only a brief moment from its greatest laughter.

Death to Life. Lament to Laughter.

 Our calendars give us a number: 2017. We mark our years according to the event of that man’s life, the man we call Jesus. The end of winter and the beginning of spring is celebrated with Easter, the culmination of Holy Week, when the sorrow of Good Friday gives way to Jesus’ resurrection. More than just a quaint story, From Death Unto Life is a theme woven through from the very beginning of time; in cultures and nations; in persons and relationships; in stories both epic and simple, sacred and profane. It is true even in the food we eat. This theme is our life and liturgy, the Word & Sacrament, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This upcoming April 7-9, New College Franklin and Cornerstone Presbyterian Church are pleased to announce our 2nd annual joint conference, From Death Unto Life, in the weekend leading up to the Easter celebration. We are please to partner with many pastors and thinkers in the Nashville presbytery, as well as the broader community of Franklin. Join us, for this theological and spiritual excursion as we trace this theme through theology, art, literature, music, and the everyday Christian life. Join us, and be uplifted and encouraged to see the world through new eyes, to find out how Jesus’ ministry transforms every aspect of life on this earth.

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